New duties/ Mission call

A service mission works a little differently than a regular mission when it comes to mission calls. Normally, you would interview with the bishop, put in the paperwork, get your mission call, and then find out where you are going to serve and what you will be doing. A regular mission usually starts a few weeks to a few months after you get your call.

For a service mission, the process is pretty much backwards. First, you look at potential missions and figure out where you want to serve and what you want to do. Then, you put in the paperwork and do your interviews. You may even start the mission before you get your call and are set apart (given specific blessings and instructions for the mission).

In my case, I have been serving my mission for approximately 2 weeks and have just received my mission call. I will be set apart on Sunday for the mission.

Now that that is said, I can update you all on the mission more. To be honest, the first week of the mission was relatively boring. Although I enjoy the environment and the people I am working with, I didn’t have enough to do during the day and I was getting restless. I almost regretted my choice of missions and wondered if it would be too late to switch to something more interactive. However, when I expressed my boredom to some of the staff, they said they would set it up for me to be able to help with other things.

Next week we are planning on getting me trained in assessment testing so that I can help them see where associates are in their English skills. (Associates are what we call the refugees and the other people that work at the center that are learning English and job skills.) On Wednesday I was also able to help out with some of the paperwork that needed to be done for the development counselors. (The development counselors are the ones that interview people to see if they are a good fit to work at the center or if they would be better off at another location.)

Anyway, I am excited about what the coming week will bring and I am looking forward to being set apart. I haven’t been following mission guidelines yet, but once I get set apart I plan on following them more strictly. I’m hoping that this will push me to find ways to grow closer to God and become a better person and a better missionary.


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