The Blessings of Serving

Mount Timpanogas Temple                   Credit:

This week I was set apart as an ordinance worker. I begin my service in that calling next Saturday. I will be serving Saturday evenings at the Mount Timpanogas temple. I’m very excited for this opportunity. I have only been able to go to the temple about 5 times since I received my endowment, but I love the spirit every time I go. I always feel so uplifted and grateful when I leave the temple. I’m looking forward to having that experience every week.

I started in nursery this past Sunday. It was an interesting experience to go to church and then basically play for 2 hours. We have singing time and snack time and a lesson, but other than that the kids basically just play. It’s a fun place to be and I love all the kids already. 🙂

At the humanitarian center things have been going very well. I have been keeping busy and I feel like I am always needed somewhere and can find something to do. I now have access to mostly everything on the computer so I can help out a lot more than I could before. I’ve been helping to update a lot of the files that we have online. I have also been able to administer a couple of assessment tests, which went really well.

On Monday I was asked if I could give a spiritual thought for the weekly Tuesday devotional. I agreed, but forgot until Tuesday morning. However, since I’ve been reading a talk from last conference every day, I was basically already prepared. For the spiritual thought I talked about general conference and how it is an opportunity to us to hear what God needs us to know through church leaders. I’m not sure how much the refugees understood of what I said, but I hope they felt some of the spirit.

This week has been full of little miracles and examples of God’s love for me and the direction He wants me to go. I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of a work that is so much bigger than me. I know that even though I am just a small part of the big picture, God will use me to do great things.


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