A Spirit Filled Week

This week has been one of the most spiritual weeks of my life. Starting last Saturday with my shift at the temple and continuing to tonight with the General Women’s meeting, this week has been filled with opportunities for spiritual growth.

Saturday was my favorite temple shift so far (and yes, I’ve only done 2 shifts). I was able to do work at the veil and I started the new name ceremony. It was amazing to be a direct part of the work done at the temple. The most amazing part of my shift though was being able to be in the celestial room. As I stood there for the half hour that I was assigned, I kept thinking that this is what it must be like in heaven. People were coming and going, talking to each other, and happy to see each other. It was a beautiful sight because I was able to see it all from a distance. As I stood there seeing the joy on people’s faces, I could not help but think of how much more joy we will see and experience when we really do meet each other in heaven. It’s a time I very much look forward to and will do all I can to prepare for.

The next spiritual experience that really touched me this week was going to a ward Relief Society activity called Women at the Well. We watched a slideshow with pictures of women from the bible in various situations. One thing that particularly hit me when watching the slideshow was how much Christ did for me. I had been listening to the Christian channel on the radio and they had asked why we have such a hard time praying and talking to God. When I saw these images, I had the impression that after all Christ has done for me, the least I can do is make the effort to talk to Him daily. Since then I have made a greater effort to pray more sincerely and more often.

This week, I also finished reading all of the general meeting talks from last general conference. The talks were all amazing and I’m glad I made the commitment to read them. I think I might wait to read the Priesthood session and Relief Society meeting until after this coming conference so that I can concentrate more on getting the most out of the talks I will hear.

I feel very spiritually edified this week and I am ecstatic to hear the talks tonight and next week. I hope that all of you will have the opportunity to hear the talks live and if not that you will be able to listen to or read them at some point soon after. It is amazing to have a prophet on the Earth today and that he talks directly to us every conference. I know that as we listen to conference with sincere hearts that we will hear revelation directly for us at this point of our lives.


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