My Mission

Dear Family and Friends,

You may have noticed that I posted an insight this past Sunday instead of my usual update. When I first started this blog, it was to have a way to keep people updated on how my mission was going and to let them know what I was doing. However, I have realized that my perspective then was very limited.

I didn’t see the potential of this blog.

I don’t think I was prompted to start this blog to tell mundane stories about working in an office or slightly more spiritual or funny stories about my nursery and temple callings. I have learned so much on this mission and I think the purpose of this blog is to share what I have learned. I know that I am nothing, but with God I can be anything. And what I want to be most is an instrument in His hands to help others be happy.

My mission won’t be the kind where big changes happen to small groups of people. My mission will be more of little changes in large groups of people. Most people that I see and talk to everyday will never be interested in learning about Christ. Some people may be interested in the church, but will never convert because of cultural necessity. Most of the work I will do will be in helping others become self-sufficient. But in the end, all missions are about helping people become happier and my mission will help do that.

I have realized that it’s not so much what I do on my mission that counts, but how I do it. I may be filing paperwork or faxing documents or explaining the same videos over and over, but when I do it with love, even the mundane can become extraordinary.

The biggest miracle in this mission has been me. I’ve never been a bad person, but I have been a busy person, or a forgetful person, or a fearful person, or a complacent person. When I was young, I often said that God was my best friend. And I meant it. But I’ve never been very good at being a friend, so I let my relationship with God slip. It has taken me a long time to get back to the point where I can once again say that God is my best friend. And that is truly a miracle.

So to sum this all up, I’ve decided to turn this blog into one of spiritual insights rather than mission updates. I may still post updates every once in a while, but I want the focus to be on God and what I’ve seen Him do in my life and the things He teaches me everyday.

I have realized that my mission isn’t really working at the Humanitarian center. My real mission is living a life centered around Christ and loving others and helping others to be as happy as I am. And part of doing that is sharing with people the insights that God shares with me. So I hope that in doing this I can bless your life more and in turn you can help bless the lives of others as well.

With love,

Sister Wagstaff


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