25 before 25

I’ve been seeing a lot of these lists lately and I think they’re pretty cool so I decided to do one too.

These are 25 things I want to do before I turn 25 years old:

  1. Help an old lady cross the street
  2. Take cookies to a neighbor
  3. Make someone’s day
  4. Learn 10 words in a new language
  5.  Write a letter to myself with my non-dominant hand
  6. Send a note of encouragement to someone in need
  7. Read the entire Bible
  8. Draw a self-portrait
  9. Bake a loaf of bread
  10. Serve a meal at a homeless shelter/ buy someone a meal
  11. Make a series of pictures about safe driving
  12. Apologize to everyone I’ve ever hurt
  13. Go to a temple I’ve never been to before
  14. Volunteer at a hospital/ care facility
  15. Surprise someone in a good way
  16. Try a food I’ve never had before
  17. Leave a penny on the floor heads side up
  18. Leave positive notes in public places
  19. Make a costume out of cardboard
  20. Learn as much as I can about one of my ancestors
  21. Go to a natural wonder
  22. Say I love you to my parents without them saying it first
  23. Gather at least one picture of everyone in my family
  24. Write a letter to all the people that positively changed my life
  25. Come up with a specific motto on how I want to live my life



Comments? I'd love to hear them!

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