Getting the most for your money

I love feeling like I’m getting the most for my money. I look for sales and discounts and try to use as many coupons as I can. I’m not an extreme couponer or anything, I just like finding deals and using them to my advantage. So when it comes to spiritual things I have been asking myself, how can I “get the most for my money”?

1. Getting the best deals takes time.

Sometimes when you want something, you have to wait for it to go on sale. Spiritual things are like that too sometimes. When you want specific blessings sometimes you have to wait for the right circumstances for those blessings to come. If you decide to try to go for something without having the right circumstances, you may realize later that you could have saved yourself a lot of trouble by waiting for the Lord’s timing.

2. Sometimes you have to go to multiple stores to get the best prices.

When you are seeking spiritual guidance or insight sometimes you have to do different things in order to get the most complete answer. If something means a lot to you, use all the resources you have available. Pray, read scriptures, fast, go to church, talk to friends and leaders, talk to family members, and listen to the Holy Spirit.

3. Use coupons

When it comes to understanding the scriptures or spiritual topics, sometimes we need some extra help. There are lots of books out there on how to understand the Atonement or Isaiah or signs of the Second Coming or basically any gospel topic. Use these books to your advantage. Some people feel embarrassed that they use coupons, but in general most people are jealous of how much those who use coupons save. So don’t feel embarrassed to be caught reading “Isaiah for Dummies”.

4. Make friends with the people in charge.

I have never been good at this, but my dad is the type of person that makes friends with everyone. Because of this, my dad has been able to get into all sorts of concerts and events for free. I’m sure you can guess where I’m going with this- make friends with God. When God is your best friend, insights will just come. You will be shown things you wouldn’t have understood or realized before and it will be easier to receive inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed the post and got some insights from it despite its lightheartedness. 🙂


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