Six hours of Church

On a typical Sunday I attend 6 hours of church. This isn’t because my church requires us to be there for 6 hours. Our normal meetings are usually 3 hours, but I choose to attend another congregation’s meetings as well as the congregation I am assigned to.

Why do I chose to attend 6 hours of church? Well, at first I started doing this for the social aspect. I attend a congregation for families, but we also have one specifically for young single adults. I didn’t want to lose the opportunities I had with the people where I attend, but I also wanted to be able to associate with people my own age with similar circumstances.

Now however, my attitude has shifted. I no longer attend 6 hours of church for the social aspect. I attend 6 hours of church because I need 6 hours of church. I just don’t feel as good spiritually or mentally when I miss one or more of my meetings. I need that extra spiritual boost to help me be a happier person.

I love every one of those 6 hours that I go to church. I love everything that I learn and I love having that time to help me grow as a person and as a disciple of Christ. I also love the people that I meet there, but I no longer attend church hoping to meet someone to help me feel welcome. Instead I try to help others feel welcome. And even if I don’t meet or talk to anyone at church, I still feel complete because I learn things specifically for me and I can apply them to my life.

I have found that 6 hours of church is the ideal amount of time for me. If I get anything less than that, I just don’t seem to have the mental energy to keep me happy through the week.


What’s the ideal amount of church for you? Let me know in the comments!


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