“Lead thou me on”

One of my favorite hymns is “Lead Kindly Light” by John Henry Newman. And one of my favorite lines in that hymn is

“I loved to choose and see my path; but now, Lead thou me on.” 

I love this line so much because I’ve lived it. My journey to get to know God and become His friend hasn’t been an easy one. I haven’t always wanted to follow God’s plan for me. I loved to choose my own way and plan my path in life, but because God saw something greater in me, that has changed. 

Today we had a lesson in church about life’s plan B’s. Most people have a plan for how they want their life to turn out and what they want to happen, but sometimes life changes that plan. Sometimes our plan A changes to plan B because of life circumstances. How we choose to respond to life’s plan B determines how the rest of our life ends up. 

This is where the song comes in.

In my life, I loved thinking that I was in control and that everything would go how I planned it, but that didn’t really happen. Life happens and our plans change. And after having so much thrown at me and going through so much pain and heartache and despair, I finally put my life in God’s hands and said “Lead thou me on.”

“I loved to choose and see my path; but now, Lead thou me on.”

Now I still set my plans, but I am always open to changes to those plans. At the moment, I am in the midst of what could be a very big change in my plans for the rest of my life. I don’t know yet if it will happen or not, but if it does my plans will definitely need to be rewritten.

But the amazing thing is that I am at peace. No matter what happens, I will be okay because I have stopped trusting in my own plans and have put my life in God’s hands. 

It’s not always easy. Sometimes I wonder why God allows me to go through such hard things. But so far, I have never had a trial that I haven’t been grateful for. I wasn’t always grateful at the time, but I’m grateful now.

God sees us as eternal beings. He isn’t just looking at the next few years or even the rest of our lives. He is looking at forever. And with forever in mind, our comfort now doesn’t really matter as much as what we can become. 

So with that in mind, “lead thou me on.”


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