Temple Happy

I’ve been neglecting this blog a bit because my other blog has started getting a lot more traffic in the past couple weeks. This is sort of inevitable because that blog is automatically connected to my profile whereas this one is just an added link on my gravatar.

Anyway, this post is a sort of melding of my two worlds.

I wrote on my autism blog the other day about how I release happiness by flapping. Anyway, I have never done this in a public place or anywhere that someone could possibly see me doing it… until yesterday.

Saturday is my temple shift day. I serve in the temple for about 6 hours in the afternoon. The temple makes me incredibly happy and I love every minute I spend there. And so yesterday I was only slightly surprised to find myself flapping in the stairways of the temple.

No one was around so I didn’t have to worry so much that anyone could see, but I did do a quick look around just in case. The temple just makes me happy and so I just couldn’t help it from coming out a little.

I’m kind of glad though. It was like letting Heavenly Father know how happy the temple makes me. 🙂


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