Bible Bad Guys- Caiaphas

I think Caiaphas is probably the hardest guy for people to see the good in. I mean, Judas started out as an apostle, and Pilate was a governor that didn’t have any religious connections to Jesus. Caiaphas though was the high priest of the Jews. You would think that a religious person in a position like that wouldn’t allow the Son of God to be crucified.

What most people overlook though is that Caiaphas prophesied the death of Christ. He told the chief priests and Pharisees that Jesus would have to die in order for their nation not to perish and to gather all the children of Israel together (John 11:49-52).

Caiaphas probably knew the prophecies about Christ. He may have even believed that Jesus was the Christ. So if Jesus was Christ then he had to die in order to fulfill all the prophecies about him. In John 12:42 it says that many of the chief rulers believed on Jesus. Maybe Caiaphas was one of these rulers that believed on Jesus, but he felt it was necessary to hide his belief in order to preserve his position.

As I’m writing this, I realize that this is probably a bit of a stretch. Caiaphas may have just been deceived by his own pride or his fellow priests or he just may not have had enough knowledge of Jesus to believe in him. His prophecy of Jesus’s death makes me think there’s a little more to the story though. Maybe Caiaphas was high priest for a reason. Maybe he had a great understanding of the scriptures and even if he didn’t understand that Jesus was the Savior, he understood that Jesus would have to die in order to preserve their nation.

We don’t have any information from the Bible about Caiaphas meeting with Jesus. The Bible states that Jesus was taken to Caiaphas and that he was then taken to Pilate, but it doesn’t mention the actual interaction that took place between them. Maybe if we had this interaction we could understand Caiaphas a little better, but for now I guess we can just keep speculating.


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