A Plea to Temple Workers

I love going to the temple. I love being in the temple or at the temple or just looking at pictures of temples. Temples are houses of God and places where we make promises to God and He makes promises back to us. The work done in the temple is work of salvation and exaltation.
So… why wouldn’t you be happy when you’re at the temple?

And yet… every time I go to the temple it seems like some people aren’t happy to be there. They don’t smile. They go quickly through the ordinances and promises. They seem to just be going through the motions instead of enjoying the experience. And that makes it hard for me to feel the Spirit. I love the promises given in the temple, but when someone says it like they’re reciting dull facts, they don’t seem as special as they really are.

So my plea to all temple workers is to be happy. Please be happy… Our temple experience means so much more when the person responsible for telling us our covenants and promises represents the happiness that those promises are meant to bring. Leave your troubles at the door of the temple and just enjoy being in the house of the Lord.

Every day I go to the temple is a good day. I hope and pray that the same is true for you.


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