Being nothing

When I was young, I used to think I was awesome. And it was a long, hard road learning that the world didn’t think the same thing. But now I know that I am nothing and it is amazing. I couldn’t be happier to know that I am extremely insignificant because I know that at the same time I couldn’t be more significant.

You see, growing up, it was just me. I thought I was awesome because I only really knew myself and I thought I was pretty cool. Then as I got older and got to know other people, I had a means of comparison and so I saw my worthlessness. But finally I got to the point where I got to know God and His means of comparison. I knew of God before but I didn’t really know God until recently. And knowing God made me realize that it’s not just me.

I am amazing because I am not on my own. I am not by myself in judgment. I know that I am nothing. But I am bound to Christ. I am not judged on my merit alone, but on His merit. And He is everything. He makes up for my nothingness and so it doesn’t matter that I’m weak and flawed and broken and unworthy. He is my worthiness for me and so in my nothingness, I have found that I am of more worth than I ever dreamed.

We are not alone in our worth if we choose to be bound to the one of greatest worth. And so even though the world taught me that I am nothing, Christ has taught me that it is okay to be nothing because through Him I can be everything.


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