Getting to Heaven is Not our Purpose

Have you ever heard someone say that they want to get to heaven or they want to help you get to heaven?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately and I have realized that when we say that we are completely missing our purpose. Our purpose is not to get to heaven. I mean, think about it… if our purpose was to get to heaven, why did we come to Earth? We were already in heaven before we came here. If our purpose was just to get back, then this life is just a painful scab meant to weed out the unworthy.

I do not and cannot believe that God made this world for the purpose of reducing His kingdom. I cannot believe that He made this life to only be a test where those who passed could return to live with Him and anyone else would suffer for the rest of eternity. No, God’s purpose in sending us here and our purpose in coming here is much bigger than simply going back. We are not here to get back to heaven.

We are here to become something greater than we could have ever become when we lived with God before this life. And if the difference between what we were and what we can become wasn’t so drastic, God would not have put us through this earthly existence. God sent us here not to prove ourselves, but to become better. We can learn things from the pains and weaknesses and burdens of life that we could not learn in heaven when those things did not exist to us.

When God decided to make the Earth and create bodies for our spirits, He knew that there would be some who would be lost. He knew that it wouldn’t be a perfect world where we would all learn what we needed to and come back to heavenly bliss. But because He could see how much of a difference our progress here would make for us, He decided to allow us to come to Earth despite the cost. It wasn’t that He loved those who would fail any less, but He loved us all as a whole more.

God gave us this Earth and this life because He believes in us. He loves us and wants us to become better than we ever dreamed we could be. Yes, He wants us to return to live with Him. But He wants us to get the most out of life while we are here. Our purpose was not to get to heaven, but rather to get to Earth. Our purpose was not to return to live with God, but rather to become one with God. We are here to become like Him so that when we return to live with Him our time here will not have been in vain.

When we forget about getting back to God and instead focus on becoming like Him, life takes on the meaning it is supposed to have. Life is not a test. Tests don’t teach you, they evaluate you. We are not here to have the valiant separated from the undeserving. We were all valiant and we were all deserving. We came here to learn, to become more valiant, to become the beings that God sees in us.

Life is a classroom with the most loving teacher in existence. But if we only focus on passing the class, we miss the joy and knowledge of learning the most precious truths available to us.


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