Unanswered Prayers

How many prayers have gone unanswered because I didn’t stop to take the time to care?
How many chances have I missed to ease someone’s pain because of my own fears?

How many people have hurt longer than necessary or waited in vain or cried too long…
Because I refused to listen to my heart and help when they needed it?

How many people have I not made friends with because I didn’t say hello?
How many people have prayed for relief and found none because I wasn’t there?

How many people have I hurt by doing nothing?
How many people have I let down by staying silent?

How many prayers have I prayed that seemed unanswered because someone else didn’t stop to help?
How many times have I cried with no hope of relief because no one else would be there for me?

Then, stop and be there.
Heart, win over my mind.
See the needs and take action.

Stop letting fear be your guide.
Stop thinking things though.
Stop waiting for someone else to help.

Help people so they have hope.
Help people so their prayers will be answered.
Help people so that one day your prayers may be answered too.

And be the person God made you to be.
Be who you know you are inside.
Don’t be afraid to do good, to be good, and to really live.


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