Sabbath Day Productivity

We have been talking a lot in church lately about how to keep the Sabbath day holy. The recurring theme that I have noticed from these lessons is that the Sabbath is a day of rest from our labor, not simply a day of resting.

At the same time that I’m learning all of this at church, I have been learning about myself and my interactions with others through therapy and self reflection. And I have been changing. I have been getting better at talking to others and allowing myself to be myself.

So now to explain how that all connects. In realizing that I didn’t have to be afraid anymore, I became incredibly busy with all the things I  had stopped myself from doing before. I could suddenly message people I would hesitate to “bother” and write letters and make plans and be friendly for no other reason than that I wanted to.

This has been even more incredible on the Sabbath because not only can I do good, I have the time to do so. I don’t have to wait till I get off of work or complete an errand. I can just dedicate my day to doing all of the good that builds up in me over the past week.

It has been an amazing change and I can truly say that the Sabbath is a delight.


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