President Monson: I heard what you said to us

This needs to be shared. I love President Monson and sustain him, not just because he is a good man, but because he is a prophet of God. What did you listen to through God’s mouthpiece?

all our lemmony things

General Conference this past weekend was super special to me.

I know, they’re all special. But this one sticks out.

For the past couple of years I’ve been working during General Conference, which means I’d usually catch it later, picking through the talks I wanted to read later on. But this year it was LIVE. And I was present, ready to be taught. Not only that, but I didn’t actually SEE it for the majority of the time. I simply heard it. I was driving home from Utah with General Conference tuned in on the radio. And it was just me, the open road, and the words of prophets filling my empty car.

Because of that–I didn’t see President Monson’s legs fail him. I simply heard his words. I count myself blessed for that.

presidnet monson bw

Since General Conference I have seen and read countless posts, blogs, articles, and statuses revolving around our sweet…

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