I get sick every fast Sunday. I’m either in the bathroom constantly before church or constantly at church. Luckily it usually hits before church.

In general, if I do not eat within an hour of waking up, I start to feel sick. So, why do I do this to myself month after month? Why did I get so excited about fasting that I would do it even twice a month sometimes?

My best friend could tell you how much of a jerk I was on fast Sunday. I was a bear to be around, easily upset, short tempered, and even aggressive. I wish I could say that has all gone away. It hasn’t. I still feel that way more often than I would like to. But I keep fasting once every month because of how much better it makes me the rest of the time.

I am a better person now than I used to be because of fasting. I have seen miracles happen in my life because of fasting. I am closer to God because of fasting.

And on days like this when the pain seems almost unbearable and I don’t want to be around people for fear of snapping at someone, I can pray for strength and know that God will answer. I will break my fast soon, but first I wanted to bear my testimony that fasting changes things. Christ said of a devil that his disciples couldn’t cast out, “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.”

Sometimes that is how it is in our lives. We can only overcome certain things by fasting. That’s why I continue to fast even though it doesn’t feel good at the time; it makes me better later.


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