Finding the Lord

A few months ago, I drove down a street I never drive down and saw a nativity scene. I thought it was strange that someone would have the manger scene up before Halloween, but it made me feel so peaceful that I decided maybe having Christmas stuff up early really isn’t so bad. The most interesting part of this story is that I have driven down that same street numerous times since then, and have never seen that nativity scene again.

This last time that I drove down it, I was listening to the Forgotten Carols and the song, “I Cannot Find My Way” came on. As I listened to the song and searched for that scene of the wisemen bringing gifts to baby Jesus that gave me hope a few months ago, I thought about finding Christ. Maybe I just saw that scene that day because I needed that hope. I don’t need a manger scene to find Christ though. He is all around.

“Three kings found the Lord and so can we.”


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