I am currently serving a mission at the Humanitarian Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. I will serve for approximately 18 months ending in August 2015.

As a clarification for those of you who are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, members have the option of serving a mission at age 18 for men and age 19 for women. Although men are generally expected to serve missions, women have more options of whether or not they would like to serve. Having the opportunity to serve is a great blessing both to the missionary and to their family and friends.

What people traditionally think of as missionaries are proselyting missionaries. These missionaries preach about Christ and His church where they are called to serve. Missionaries are generally called to an area of the world and receive training on how to teach and learn the language of that area. Missionaries do not know where they will be called to serve until they finish all their paperwork and get a response from Church authorities.

My mission will be a little different than traditional LDS missions. As a service missionary I was able to choose where I wanted to serve and what service I wanted to perform. It is generally recommended for service missionaries to stay with family during their mission for support as well as to lighten expenses. For my mission I chose to stay with my brother and his family. Although I could have served in California and lived with my parents, I felt that I needed a change in order for me to grow more spiritually and for me to be the best missionary I could be. 

This blog will be a place where I can update people on my mission experiences and write out some of my thoughts and insights as a missionary.


Comments? I'd love to hear them!

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