I have recently been thinking about Christ and His identity as God and His humanity when He came to the Earth. I was listening to a book on tape called Believing Christ that talked somewhat about this. In the book, the author describes how Christ was human in every essential way so that He could understand us, but since He was born of God, He could only die through a choice to let go of His life. He could have died before He was crucified and before He suffered for us, but He chose to keep living so that we could one day return to live with Him. However, though Christ was human, He never stopped being God.

As I thought about this, I realized that Christ was in a human body and suffered human things but was still the God that He had been before entering a human body. His essence, or spirit ,or true being, was still the God that He had always been. Because He was a perfect God He was a perfect human. His divine nature was unchanged and being human did not take away His divinity or spiritual nobility. When I realized this, I also realized that the same thing would apply to us.

We were not God before we came to Earth, but we were children of God. We were followers of God. We were warriors and valiant spirits that loved God and were willing to come to Earth to follow God’s plan for us. Just because we are in a mortal body now and have forgotten our divine lives before we came to Earth does not mean that we are any less divine now than we were then. Our essence, our spirit, our true being, is still that noble spirit that shouted for joy when we heard God’s plan for us.

We still have that divine spirit and calling inside of us. We still have that potential for greatness that God saw in us when we lived with Him before we came to Earth. We are not mere mortals. We are divine, eternal, unparalleled beings that have been placed into mortal bodies so that we can learn to find and see and seek that divinity within ourselves.

I was a noble warrior for God and I still am. I only need to seek out that divine role within myself and cultivate that spirit that God saw within me in the life prior to this one. The same is true of all of you.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” As we have that view of ourselves we can realize that we are great people, great spirits. We only need to seek out that greatness already inside us and become who we once were so that we can eventually become even greater than we once were.


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