I love temples! I love everything about temples. I love serving in the temple and seeing people come to the temple and seeing people walk around in the temple and seeing children sitting on the bench outside of the temple. I love that when I walk out of the temple it smells like fragrant flowers. I love that when I walk into the temple I can’t help but smile. I love that being at the temple is like being home, only better. But most of all, I love how the temple makes me feel towards others.

Sometimes, I find it hard to love others. Especially when I’m driving and the people around me aren’t being as safe as I would like them to be. But at the temple, it is easy to love. When I’m at the temple I feel like I could love everybody. I feel like everyone is my brother or sister. I don’t see people for their flaws, but I see them for their potential. At the temple, everyone is a king or queen. At the temple, everyone is equal. When I’m serving at the temple, I’m not the weak and selfish and human Julia- I am a representative of God and I am His hands in doing His work and serving His children.

I’ll say it again, I love the temple. It truly is a sacred place. It is a place where God is and His spirit dwells.

This is why we go to temples. This is why I serve at the temple. Because being at the temple brings me closer to God and makes me more Christ-like and teaches me to love others as He does and shows me that I can be more than what I am and that as I turn to Christ I will be perfected through Him. Eventually I can become the person I am at the temple- and that gives me hope.

I would encourage you all to go to the temple. Even if you can’t go inside, just being on the temple grounds brings a spirit of peace. Temples are a place unlike any other and you can’t find the same spirit anywhere else. Temples are truly the Lord’s house. They are places where we can connect to our ancestors and do saving ordinances and feel the presence of God. I would not be as good of a person without the temple in my life. I am grateful for temples and especially for the temples that have made an impression in my life. I hope that everyone has the chance to at least visit a temple someday and feel the spirit that it brings.

If you would like to learn more about temples and why they are so important to me, please visit: http://mormontemples.org/ 


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