The Beauty of a Clock

Recently I have been searching for ways to remember to pray and in the process I discovered the beauty of a clock.

In general, a clock has 12 numbers or marks, an hour hand and a minute hand and possibly a second hand, and is round in shape.


Each of these features has a lesson that goes with it and can teach us something about drawing nearer to God. In thinking of these lessons, the clock becomes a daily reminder to live a Christ centered life.

The center point of a clock does not move, but is what holds the rest of the clock together and allows it to function properly. The hands are attached to the center point and move around the clock pointing to each of the 12 marks or numbers surrounding the clock.

The center point of a clock can symbolize Christ and remind us that Christ should be the center of our lives. We should always remember Him and keep Christ and His teaching as our focal point. Just as the clock is held together from the center, our lives should be built upon and held together by our Savior and Redeemer.

Twelve is an important number in the scriptures. Jesus had 12 apostles and there are 12 tribes of Israel. When we look at the clock, we can see the hands pointing toward these numbers and think of it as an invitation to read and follow the scriptures. We can read the words of the apostles and learn of them by reading the scriptures. We can also learn about the 12 tribes of Israel and remind ourselves of the covenants that were made by Abraham and our own covenants as part of the children of Israel.

The arrows of a clock not only serve to point us toward the scriptures, but can also individually remind us of how we should live our lives.

The second hand can help remind us to pray always. Just as the second hand is in constant motion, so we should be in constant motion in our efforts to follow Christ and keep His commandments.

The minute hand can serve to remind us to reach out to others. Just as the minute hand is the longer hand of the clock, we can strive to reach out our hands to help and lift others.

The slow steadiness of the hour hand can remind us to slow down and acknowledge His hand in all things. It can also remind us that we are not meant to run faster than we are able, but that through perseverance and enduring to the end, we can do all that God asks of us.

The round shape of the clock is also symbolic that the course of the Lord is one eternal round. God does not begin and end, but is forever. Just as time goes on forever, God also goes on forever and ever.

If we keep our lives built on Christ and center ourselves on Him, He will guide and direct us for good. He will strengthen us to be able to do all that He asks and will protect us from the power of the adversary. If we ever fall away from Christ and our clocks stop, He will remain surrounded by His word in the scriptures for when we come to be fixed and healed by Him.

I am grateful for the beauty of a clock and I know that as I reflect upon these thoughts whenever I see a clock that I will grow closer to my Savior and become a better disciple of Christ. I pray that we each seek to center our lives on Christ so that we can build upon a strong foundation, a foundation where we cannot fall.


Comments? I'd love to hear them!

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