Weak things

Over the years, I have gained a powerful testimony of the Lord being able to turn our weaknesses into strengths. I have had countless experiences of this in my life, and I thought that I was basically done. I thought that God had turned all my weaknesses into strengths and now I could focus on other more important things. The reality is though that my weaknesses haven’t really been turned into strengths (not yet anyway).

I made the mistake of assuming that because I became better at something, because I was a better person and my weaknesses were at a level where they were no longer really weaknesses, that I was done. I assumed that that was what was meant by our weaknesses becoming strengths- that they were no longer weaknesses.

I hadn’t thought that my weaknesses could truly become strengths. Not that they were no longer weak or that I could do them or that I was able to get by because of them, but that they could truly become something that I was good at, something that I could say I had become an expert on rather than just saying I had overcome them.

It is truly an amazing thing to realize that God can help us to become strong in the places where we are weak. Not that He simply gets us to the point where our weaknesses are no longer a problem, but that He can get us to the point where our weaknesses become better than our normal traits.

One of the reasons this is so important to me is because I have a lot of weaknesses. If you know me, you are probably well aware of this fact. I have had a variety of problems all stemming from weaknesses inside of me. In fact, it’s difficult to think of problems I’ve had that were not because of my weaknesses.

When you fill out an application to serve a full-time proselyting mission, there is a questionnaire that asks about your physical health, mental health, and other important problems that may be tested in the mission field. There were very few questions on that rather long questionnaire that I could honestly answer no, I do not have any problems in this area.

For one thing, I have autism which comes with a variety of problems by itself. I have also had a variety of mental health issues and although not as extensive, a variety of physical health issues. And that doesn’t even cover my negative personality traits and shortcomings. I am, on any given day, selfish, egotistical, pessimistic, inconsiderate, and/ or self-demeaning, needy, and self-absorbed.

Many of my weaknesses have become stronger as I have sought the guidance and grace of God. However, this doesn’t mean that God is finished with my weaknesses. I haven’t graduated to some new state of being where I can simply improve as a person instead of individually turning my weaknesses into strengths. My weaknesses can still become strengths if I simply decide to take them to the Lord with humility and ask Him to make my weak things become strong.

Although I realized that we never stop improving unless we chose to, I thought that I was on my own in improving because my weaknesses were already taken care of. The truth is though that God is still there with me and can still make my weaknesses strong, not simply stronger- but truly strong. It is a marvelous thought and I can’t wait to get started again. 🙂


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